Tips for Summer Success

Hi Skaters and Coaches!!!
We are gearing up for the start of our summer training and looking forward to a very exciting and busy summer schedule.
We wanted to send out a welcome to everyone and include our list of registered skaters with their ice levels and some policies for the summer.
These are the following skaters signed up and the ice sessions they may skate on:

Elite/High group

May skate on the Elite or Open ice sessions but
cannot be on Intermediate ice Sessions:
Serena Howard, Quinlan Cyr, Ching Ching Zhang, Brooksie Nix, Zoe
Villanueva, Will Arbaugh, Isabel McDonald, Hayden Wood, Lillian
Hodges, James Lankford, Lauren  Stockdale, Logan Bradey, Julia
Hetrick, Ashton Lomicka, Piper Gabele, Elaine Luo, Anna Sgarbi,
Annabel Couch, Claire Zhang, and Sophia Li

Intermediate group

May skate on the Intermediate or Open sessions
but cannot be on the Elite/high ice sessions:
Chloe Young, Nikki Nowroozi, Katy Mohlenkamp, Aline Caldwell, Vivian
Bishop, Eve Fette, Gabby Yuan, Emma Yuan, Thane Hansen, Elizabeth
Hinton, Mara Hansen, Ava Babich, Nora Mohlenkamp, Lillias Tureau,
Claire Maoney, Lucia Gellert, Johanna Snyder, Rowan Edwards, Ava
Capeling, Emmaline Grantham, Samantha Li, Lexi White, Liya White,
Emily Wykoff, and Bella Nowroozi.

FS Open sessions

All levels and hockey.

Please note:

  • No crossover for levels even for private lessons.
  • Coaches, try to teach as much as possible from the boards.
  • Skaters in their programs have complete right of way except when
  • running multiple programs
  • or program sections.
  • Coaches, please try to teach spins in the corners.
  • Coaches as much as possible please try to keep moves in the field lessons on the less crowded sessions.
  • Everyone please be courteous and give adults the right of way during their sessions.
  • During the adult sessions only adult programs may be run
  • Skaters must check in at the office when they arrive in the morning so we know who will be on what sessions.
  • Walk ins either call ahead or stop in the office to check ice availability
  • Coaches and skaters, if you have a break please use the lobby or the multipurpose room.  An additional microwave will be in the multipurpose room this summer.
  • Please refrain from hanging out in the office.
Skater drop off for the younger skater can be as early as 7:30 am and pick up as late as 5:30 pm Monday thru Thursday, and pick up no later than 5:00 pm on Friday.

Please bring the following to Camp each day:

  1. Light jacket or sweatshirt
  2. Skating equipment: Skates, guards, skating apparel, practice attire, sweater, gloves and tights
  3. Yoga mat or towel
  4. Lunch
  5. Water bottle
  6. Nutritious snacks
  7. Notebook & pen/pencil
  8. Program music and competition dress if participating in program practice
  9. Ballet shoes for Ballet class
  10. Supportive gym shoes for off-ice training classes
On MONDAY, please bring in a board game, art and craft, or activity
from home you would like to enjoy with your friends for the week.
Thanks and we are looking forward to a great summer!!!
Nashville Skating Academy

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