Dierks Bentley Video


The Burning Man Tour on Ice 2019!

When Dierks Bentley needs to film a video and showcase some great jumps, spins, and footwork—where does he go?  Straight to Nashville Figure Skating Club, of course! 

Dierks Bentley knows that #NashvilleSkates at NFSC! Where #NashvilleSkates is where #DierksSkates!

Our fabulous NFSC coaches, Meagan Sudicky-Cording and Bert Cording, got to don their show skills and support our favorite local singer/skater right here at home base–Centennial Sportsplex!

Is there a better way to spend an afternoon?!?!

Witness the grace! Behold the majesty! Embrace the magic!

Check out the video here and don’t forget to tell Dierks how much you love it!  How many times do you see our body doubles!?!?!?!

Next time, we gotta convince Dierks to lace up some figure skates, though!

Disclaimer: No animals (…or Berts, Dierks, or Meagans) were harmed in the filming of this video.