Summer Sizzle

Nashville Skating Academy is thrilled to be hosting 2019 Summer Sizzle in-house competition on Saturday August 17th, 10:45 am – 12:45 pm at Centennial Sportsplex.  The deadline to enter this competition is August 3rd. Space is limited, please register early to reserve your spot. We will be using the USFSA guideline for all events. Please get a head starts to learn those competition routines.

Here are the Top Ten reasons why every skater should enter:

  1. The Summer Sizzle in house competition is an opportunity for camaraderie and relationship building with other skaters.  We cheer for each other and congratulate skaters for getting on the ice to perform and show their stuff!
  2. Competition will provide an unfamiliar setting and allow skaters to be outside of their comfort zones in a very positive way.  Skaters feel pressure to focus and give it all they’ve got.  Skating in front of an audience gets a skater’s adrenaline pumping and a chance to focus under pressure in a safe, healthy way.
  3. Children have a natural curiosity to try new things.  This is a new challenge and one that will encourage kids to try new things as they grow older. It may also help boost the skater’s interest in the sport and motivate him/her to put in more effort on the ice.
  4. Competition is a very fun experience!  The focus is not on winning, but going out to try one’s best and be proud of getting out on the ice alone and in front of friends, family, and some other people’s families too.  Lots of high fives, hugs, cheering, and kudos are spread around!
  5. The competition is in our own rink!  There’s no extra travel involved or huge time commitment.
  6. The practices required to prepare for the competition will keep the skater physically active and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  7. The Summer Sizzle Competition provides a great photo opportunity and gives skaters and family members a lasting memory of a worthwhile, enjoyable event.
  8. Skaters love to share with friends at school that they will be skating in a competition and will win a medal!  Many kids wear their medals to school afterward and are proud of their accomplishments and sense of belonging to the culture of skating.
  9. Skaters have the chance to set a goal and work toward achieving it.  This is an important lesson for everyone, especially young skaters.  Setting and working toward a goal is a good habit to have and strengthen.  Entering the Summer Sizzle Competition is a fantastic way to set a realistic, short-term goal and then work hard to meet it.
  10. Everyone will receive an award.

An awards ceremony will take place right after the Competition to present medals and recognize all of the participants.

To find out what events and level is right for you or your skater, talk to a coach or call the Skate Academy Office at 615-928-7977.  All skaters, regardless of age or skill level, are urged to enter and experience all the benefits of this aspect of the sport.

Spaces are limited. Sign up early!